Vatican’s nativity scene featuring Filipino figures unveiled.

Vatican Belen 2010

The true spirit and meaning of Christmas! Every year we celebrate this day as gift giving and buying new things for ourselves too. Well, for me and others this holiday season is used by many Capitalist’s to help their business generate income. I don’t know when Santa Claus went to the scene here but its gives attraction to kids more than the real reason why we celebrate this day which is Jesus Christ, it may not be the exact date but it gives the importance and hope to everyone that God really loves us that He gave His only son to fulfill His promise of salvation.¬† We appreciate the Vatican Belen to be Filipino theme as we all know that in the far east of the map, only the Philippines is the christian country. Lets not just give gift this season but for the whole year coming, I just hope that kids of today remembers Jesus more than Santa Claus for Christians of course because in my opinion Santa Clause is created to commercialized Christmas¬† so everyone “should and must buy things” to make one happy. Gift giving is not just a “material thing” it could be love, forgiveness, appreciation, or a simple visit just to say Hi!. Let the spirit and meaning of Christmas be with us all.. God Bless Everyone.