Best Multipurpose keychain Flashlight

S11 Aurora
Keychain flashlight

Got hooked with very useful flashlight 1 year a go and it seems you wanted more and collect different kinds of flashlight that is a tool that is very useful in our every night needs. So many types of flashlights going around and my maglite xl 50 that lost years ago since obsolete and needs replacement. But with different situations you may need different kind of flashlight to use. I needed a keychain flashlight that is compact, light and easy to switch on. I found this S11 Aurora model from Boruit when I first search it but now so many rebranded this to many manufacturer.

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What to use as an EDC flashlight


EDC flashlight

Everyday carry (EDC) is a term for things, gadgets, tools etc., that we carry everyday, our present generation today is used to cellphones, tablets and these kinds of electronically operated devices sure helps us out to make simple tasks simpler, but the EDC's are different to prepared individuals. EDC is some kind of situation preparedness (prepping, prepped), everyday in our lives we encounters unforeseen situations where we need to use our ability to achieve our goals easily.

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