Recycling ATX power supply

20160127_114432Old computers have hidden powers that might help makers to do some electronics projects, I finally did it after months of fears of it’s dangerous power. I already felt it’s electrifying shock when I touched repair our desktop PC many times. But, I need some energy and save some money from buying power adapters so I can buy things for more electronics kits and modules. Recent ATX power supply gives 500 watts to 600 watts of power, switching power supply with 12 volts, 5 volts, and 3.3 volts, some have -12 volts and -5 volts for older pentium 2 PC.

All wires are color coded and can be mixed with same color so you can have more current ranging from 20 to 40 amps! 5 volts have the highest amps that can be drawn, while 12 volts have the lowest with below 16 amps. Tutorials around the the internet is easy to understand and follow, but be very careful of it’s shock so better do it with care.

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Gizduino+ mini Sanguino and Arduino version 1.6 error

Gizduino+ mini (sanguino)

Gizduino+ mini (sanguino)

Recent changes and updates in Arduino IDE makes users and makers crazy and needs to synchronize with the official Arduino IDE. I have this error that hard to find the exact answer to my problem, but after tinkering the gizduino patch, the solution is just changing line of code in the egizmo patch.

arduino-1.6.0/hardware/gizduino-/avr/cores/standard/Print.cpp:47:37: error: ‘p’ was not declared in this scope unsigned char c = pgm_read_byte(p++);

Step 1.

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Broken picture links

Sorry folks for broken picture images, I am short in getting my own server. I prioritize my electronics projects at present. Maybe if I got a job I’ll resume my own hosting and even change my domain to a .ninja! Yes I like that domain but some things are better for late to improve.

Italy’s rockin 1000 musicians

Italy just broke my heart.. from arduino to this one, it only reminds me of a girl that I admired but left for that country during my 3rd year nursing school. I regret and feel so guilty that I never talked to her since I reached her in facebook 6 years ago. Learn to fly is the song that is similar that I wanted to say to her, the song is really inspiring. Because of being torpe, lazy, and too late to act, years are wasted and lost. I wish humans can develop the “time machine” to bring back and correct things that are needed. Continue reading

Master Grunge is innocent

Kurt Cobain Drivers License

Kurt Cobain Drivers License

Intuition, most of the time is correct. We’ve been fed up of fake and fabricated news about what really happened to 90’s rock icon Kurt Cobain, and as a follower it’s really disappointing to know that our beloved Kurt was a victim of greed for money and fame. Kurt was really a good guy to many of us fans, the suicide thing was a joke and created by her own trusted wife Courtney, that was my full conclusion after watching the “Soaked in Bleach”.

Tom Grant was hired by Courtney to find Kurt after leaving the rehab facility without the knowledge of Courtney, because he is breaking away from bad habits of Courtney, a divorce and change in will awaits Courtney after Kurt gave her chance to be part of his life. Courtney is known to be a bitch, then whore after getting Kurt’s attention and funds. Tom was persistent in truth that Kurt was murdered, he’s a detective so he really knows how to think and analyze things. Continue reading