Passing Nurse Licensure exam after a dozen times

License card

As first aider first in a construction contractor working as a non registered nurse that helps people injured at their work, and in security agency as a medic and rescuer in an ambulance. This was my motivation and thinking that I really needed to be a registered nurse because nursing has wide scope of work not just in hospitals and clinic. Some belittles you because of not passing the exam, disrespects you, humiliates, etc. But, I am one step away from my dream, and my willingness not to stop but just rest.

It was 2019 pre pandemic time around October if I remember, and the board exam is about weeks to go that I decided to try again after working in construction and security sector. It was a self review again, but this time Iam working with no time to open books and notes unlike before that I had no job and at home. Being busy helps me to relax and not to worry board exam, it reduces my anxiety because it was just optional and already working in different field but in health related job.

I was supported by my girlfriend after she knew that I was secretly filed an application for the exam, my family didn’t heard about my plan too until the day of exam. It was first week of December where results are to come out and I was not interested about it. But funny my girlfriend waited excitedly to website of Professional Regulations Commission, and one midnight my gf calling me and told me that I was listed in the name of November 2019 Nurse Licensure Exam. And of course I don’t believe in screenshots so I tried to get a copy of the results, after trying to get one then my feelings is unexplainable and my mind is floating. That moment brought back all my memories in nursing school and all the people who mocked my ability. Another good news was that nurse salary in public hospitals was increased, so applying and having an experience in hospital is another story.

The lesson is, do not ever lose hope and surrender to something that is good for you. Do not mind what others think of you at present, continue what you’ve been dreaming and started, accomplish the tasks that is waiting no matter what times it takes you. Remember that its just an exam and you are what you are.

Remember that its just an exam and you are what you are.

Working with Iron Workers

I never realized that it’s fun to work in a construction site, though it never really came to my mind and never had a dream working to that kind of job. But, as a first aider in a sub-contractor to a construction site of buildings and condominium it was fun and adventurous, my first day I thought it was a site of disaster, lots of debris around and heavy equipments roaming around. I already thinking of quitting my first job after 12 years of hibernation, the one good thing that happened was that I lost my weight because of walking watching and monitoring our welders and helpers on site. Using stairs up to 25 floors makes my blood bursts because of exhaustion. Meeting new people from different kinds of life, graduates, under graduates, professional, non-professional, bystanders and the community that is in the middle of Vertis North. Continue reading

Broken picture links

Sorry folks for broken picture images, I am short in getting my own server. I prioritize my electronics projects at present. Maybe if I got a job I’ll resume my own hosting and even change my domain to a .ninja! Yes I like that domain but some things are better for late to improve.

Updating my domain address

Since new top level domains are coming to public, I decided to transfer the whole site to a new domain name. And some misunderstanding to my web host got my pages paused! Damn! is still a good backup for files hanging. I just hope forwarding my site contents to this free service will be up and running in 24 hours!

Meanwhile lets enjoy surfing and learn new knowledge and ideas. Have fun!!!!!!!!!!

Spratly islands massacre by China part two??

Spratly islands map

Spratly islands map

This happened in 1988 where under-powered Vietnamese sailors claimed a shoal in the disputed islands near the Philippines sovereignty. The sailors refused to be intimidated by Chinese military personnel with their fully armed battleship to protect their supposedly claimed island but the Chinese military used their full force against the under-powered Vietnam sailors. It's an overkill reaction by the Chinese navy to the harmless human standing there without weapons and it violates human rights and international laws. Because China is a rogue state in this peaceful loving world, China once more is starting to do this massacre in a Filipino community living peacefully in Pag-asa island for 40 decades. This barbaric Chinese actions is a real threat to all Filipino's, not only to those living in the Kalayaan group of islands but to the whole archipelago. Why would not I be a racist here, that is because those Chinese has superiority complex implanted by their government and they just cannot control their hot tempered corrupt government officials.

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