Italy’s rockin 1000 musicians

Italy just broke my heart.. from arduino to this one, it only reminds me of a girl that I admired but left for that country during my 3rd year nursing school. I regret and feel so guilty that I never talked to her since I reached her in facebook 6 years ago. Learn to fly is the song that is similar that I wanted to say to her, the song is really inspiring. Because of being torpe, lazy, and too late to act, years are wasted and lost. I wish humans can develop the “time machine” to bring back and correct things that are needed. Continue reading

Master Grunge is innocent

Kurt Cobain Drivers License

Kurt Cobain Drivers License

Intuition, most of the time is correct. We’ve been fed up of fake and fabricated news about what really happened to 90’s rock icon Kurt Cobain, and as a follower it’s really disappointing to know that our beloved Kurt was a victim of greed for money and fame. Kurt was really a good guy to many of us fans, the suicide thing was a joke and created by her own trusted wife Courtney, that was my full conclusion after watching the “Soaked in Bleach”.

Tom Grant was hired by Courtney to find Kurt after leaving the rehab facility without the knowledge of Courtney, because he is breaking away from bad habits of Courtney, a divorce and change in will awaits Courtney after Kurt gave her chance to be part of his life. Courtney is known to be a bitch, then whore after getting Kurt’s attention and funds. Tom was persistent in truth that Kurt was murdered, he’s a detective so he really knows how to think and analyze things. Continue reading

Amarok Music Player

Music Player from KDE desktop, It's one of the reason I can't leave KDE. Because of it's excellent sound and internet radio lists, Amarok 4.5 has new interface though some I don't use like the context window which needs an internet connection to find information of the current track played. It is much stable than clementine which is a fork of Amarok, a new music player for all linux desktop.

The new interface is an upgrade from its simple that eats more memory than the previous, no upgrades in sound performance. Internet streams

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