Buying Online

Online_ShoppingWe cannot stop online shopping, they are here to stay and evolve. But we should all aware that there are risks of buying online in the Philippines, there are lots of many reported cases of fraud. Here are my short tips to avoid these scammers and swindlers around.

1. Always ask for meet-ups even half-way to sellers place and shoulder his/her transportation cost. This is the safest way not to be a victim of scam, you have the right to test products before buying it. Place should be in a public places like malls, public market, fastfood chains etc. Never choose a place you never heard of or researched first.

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Drupal 7 and Google Analytics Reports bug

I’ve search and tried for solutions for this irritating bug, but only one that I tried out and it effectively solved the issue. Right after updating google analytics reports module I cannot access my admin pages where I can’t update modules and change any settings at all. But the only usable in website is user interface and creating pages, still usable =)! One thing to make sure you have this bug is to type update.php in your drupal site and you will see this kind Continue reading

CISPA the new threat to internet freedom

CISPA (Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act) a new bill to be proposed to become a law in US will ultimately violates your privacy of information, one step to your soul and mind on the web. If SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) targeted webservers and websites that holds and sharing copyrighted materials does not clearly states specific rule which is which and without a due process to be shut down. CISPA is more intrusive because information of computer users is at risk to be used against and abus Continue reading

Drupal 7.10 update

Just updated my Drupal site to 7.10 (minor update), hard at first but when you use it frequently it is easy. You just need to have patience to delete old core files excluding your” sites” folder, after that upload the newest Drupal core files excluding the “sites” folder again. Always remember that the sites folder contains all your hard work configuring drupal and all the files you created and edited in your site so be very careful to remember not to delete that folder! Continue reading