Best Multipurpose keychain Flashlight

S11 Aurora
Keychain flashlight

Got hooked with very useful flashlight 1 year a go and it seems you wanted more and collect different kinds of flashlight that is a tool that is very useful in our every night needs. So many types of flashlights going around and my maglite xl 50 that lost years ago since obsolete and needs replacement. But with different situations you may need different kind of flashlight to use. I needed a keychain flashlight that is compact, light and easy to switch on. I found this S11 Aurora model from Boruit when I first search it but now so many rebranded this to many manufacturer.

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My experience in radio with Yaesu FT-270 R/E

20160309_154435I just got hooked by these tiny radio transcievers, my first handheld radio is a chinese radios but something is missing. As a licensed amateur radio operator you will need to have a reliable brand that you will need in case of emergencies and rugged lifestyle, and many amateur radio enthusiasts recommends FT-270 for it’s ruggedness and durability. Continue reading

Yashica infrared filter removed!

Yashica infrared filter

Yashica infrared filter

It's a bit hard to decide and remove it's ir blocking filter because it's just months old in my hands. But infrared photography is an interesting hobby and because few people know it or find it boring unlike the visible spectrum that our eyes can only see. Digital cameras today and it's sensor is amazing that they can really view all the electromagnet spectrum as they call it but manufacturers uses a filter that blocks infrared to compensate the true color that our normal eyes can see. Since majority uses only the visible spectrum I decided to open the Yashica EZ W501 cover and join the minority who maximizes the use of invisible spectrum and there's no turning back! Haha..

Opening the case is simple but remembering where I get the screws is hard! I even have 3 screws left because I don't remember where to place them, but the good news is that it's working fine except the battery replacement warning showed up. And another learn experience is that you should never get too excited removing the first lens that you would see unless it's a cyan square glass, I was too excited that I scratched and remove the round magnified lens. So my first attempt was epic failure! It was a focusing lens that was lost when I turned it on and the infrared filter is still intact very close to the CMOS sensor. You will see in the image what I am talking about, luckily the scratch is on the upper right and unnoticeable until adjusting a different focus.

Why is infrared photography is interesting? Because infrared is invisible in our eyes, it's that simple. I want to see things different setting, lists of it's uses are too many to explain but one of my favorite use is for night vision, and least favorite is seeing the invisible spirits around =). With the help of infrared LED you can see the reflection of objects in the dark, isn't that great feeling that you could see things in dark environment without using a visible light and you are stealthy like a B-2 spirit bomber floating in sky taking pictures. Another thing is viewing the dark skies full of small bright stars, but it will still need a telescope used in observatory or hobbyist. There is freedom if you removed the infrared blocking filter in those digital cameras, and there's plenty tutorial how to do it.

Portable power supply for Raspberry Pi

DFRobot 2aa Booster

DFRobot 2aa Booster

Now that my project for raspberry pi as surveillance system is active, I also need backup power supply if any power interruptions comes. With just 2 AA size battery size the surveillance system can run up to 1 hour and 30 minutes, just like my earlier test of 4 AA size batteries that lasted for 3-4 hours but my earlier test does not have a usb wifi dongle and a usb webcam controlled by motion program for surveillance. It can be upgraded by adding a parallel of AA size batteries which is much cheaper, safer and easily available source of power for our mini computer.

Well, adafruit's minty boost is hard to find locally but there is an alternative to it created by DFRobot. Our friend circuit-help sells it for Pinoy hobbyist, and it's better than to have nothing, the chip used by adafruit is available in RS Philippines website so if you want to build your own you can build it because it's open source and instructions is also available to their website. Now I can bring my Raspberry Pi in my pocket for 1 hour and 30 minutes for surveillance but only after I found a quality webcam to hide whenever I have a mission.. =)

Alternative bracelet for Swatch Scuba Irony

a little adjust..

a little adjust..

LOL, since Swatch can't provide for their customers the parts for their watch I made myself a paracord bracelet for my Swatch Scuba Irony 200. Well, in preppers world paracord is a must have everday carry (EDC) tool that can help you in emergency situations, it is a rope with 7 inner strands where each strands has another 3 inner strands that makes it tough than any ordinary nylon rope. But with a maximum 550 lbs stress weight limit, make it half 225 lbs is still valuable thing to carry that is not bulky or heavy in pocket or bracelet.

My size is about 8 inches while the common wrist size is about 7 inces, and the rule of thumb for making paracord bracelet is that 1 inch is equivalent to 12 inches or 1 feet. So the bracelet you would wear can have 14 feet long of rope that can be detached and reused for so many purpose. Splinting a body parts in case of accidents, use as belts, making tents, torniquet to stop bleeding, hunting fishes and humans! Haha.. and it's great to have a bonus tool like a whistle in a watch in case you will need an attention to call for help and preserve your voice and energy.

You can also add things inside it's core and use some rubber that covers the buckles connected to it and put some needles and mirrors or anything that can fit and invisible to the eyes of others.