Astrolux EC01 review

I bought this flashlight for its user interface called anduril. Anduril is a open source program for flashlight users, it has many options to your led flashlight. Astolux ec01 is one of the best and cheapest anduril flashlight you can buy on the market using 21700 battery. Its led is a xhp50.2 with 3500 lumens output that can make your night bright like a day comes with a tint 65000k cool white.

Build quality is good with extra o-rings to prevent water entering inside the flashllight. This flashlight can be use without the battery, just connect it’s usb port to a cable and a charger but it’s power is not in full power. Anduril’s functions will mot bored you from old use of light on and off. Candle, strobe, party strobe, beacon are some useful function of anduril program.

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Best Multipurpose keychain Flashlight

S11 Aurora
Keychain flashlight

Got hooked with very useful flashlight 1 year a go and it seems you wanted more and collect different kinds of flashlight that is a tool that is very useful in our every night needs. So many types of flashlights going around and my maglite xl 50 that lost years ago since obsolete and needs replacement. But with different situations you may need different kind of flashlight to use. I needed a keychain flashlight that is compact, light and easy to switch on. I found this S11 Aurora model from Boruit when I first search it but now so many rebranded this to many manufacturer.

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My experience in radio with Yaesu FT-270 R/E

20160309_154435I just got hooked by these tiny radio transcievers, my first handheld radio is a chinese radios but something is missing. As a licensed amateur radio operator you will need to have a reliable brand that you will need in case of emergencies and rugged lifestyle, and many amateur radio enthusiasts recommends FT-270 for it’s ruggedness and durability. Continue reading

Recycling ATX power supply

20160127_114432Old computers have hidden powers that might help makers to do some electronics projects, I finally did it after months of fears of it’s dangerous power. I already felt it’s electrifying shock when I touched repair our desktop PC many times. But, I need some energy and save some money from buying power adapters so I can buy things for more electronics kits and modules. Recent ATX power supply gives 500 watts to 600 watts of power, switching power supply with 12 volts, 5 volts, and 3.3 volts, some have -12 volts and -5 volts for older pentium 2 PC.

All wires are color coded and can be mixed with same color so you can have more current ranging from 20 to 40 amps! 5 volts have the highest amps that can be drawn, while 12 volts have the lowest with below 16 amps. Tutorials around the the internet is easy to understand and follow, but be very careful of it’s shock so better do it with care.

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Gizduino+ mini Sanguino and Arduino version 1.6 error

Gizduino+ mini (sanguino)

Gizduino+ mini (sanguino)

Recent changes and updates in Arduino IDE makes users and makers crazy and needs to synchronize with the official Arduino IDE. I have this error that hard to find the exact answer to my problem, but after tinkering the gizduino patch, the solution is just changing line of code in the egizmo patch.

arduino-1.6.0/hardware/gizduino-/avr/cores/standard/Print.cpp:47:37: error: ‘p’ was not declared in this scope unsigned char c = pgm_read_byte(p++);

Step 1.

Remove the “const prog_char *p = (const prog_char *)ifsh;” from Continue reading