Astrolux EC01 review

I bought this flashlight for its user interface called anduril. Anduril is a open source program for flashlight users, it has many options to your led flashlight. Astolux ec01 is one of the best and cheapest anduril flashlight you can buy on the market using 21700 battery. Its led is a xhp50.2 with 3500 lumens output that can make your night bright like a day comes with a tint 65000k cool white.

Build quality is good with extra o-rings to prevent water entering inside the flashllight. This flashlight can be use without the battery, just connect it’s usb port to a cable and a charger but it’s power is not in full power. Anduril’s functions will mot bored you from old use of light on and off. Candle, strobe, party strobe, beacon are some useful function of anduril program.

While the diagram of anduril’s use is clear it is good to memorize the one that you like to uses often. For example you want to use strobe when you click it once, you use momentary function. Battery check is easy to do, just press button 3 tomes and it will blink according to it-s voltage reading.

Be aware that this flashlight can burn paper if left on turbo accidentally so better not to give this to children without proper instructions. I used this before as a lamp during sleep time and battery lasts long with 21700 cell, you can also use a 18650 adapter if you don’t have 21700 battery yet.

Astrolux ec01

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