Working with Iron Workers

I never realized that it’s fun to work in a construction site, though it never really came to my mind and never had a dream working to that kind of job. But, as a first aider in a sub-contractor to a construction site of buildings and condominium it was fun and adventurous, my first day I thought it was a site of disaster, lots of debris around and heavy equipments roaming around. I already thinking of quitting my first job after 12 years of hibernation, the one good thing that happened was that I lost my weight because of walking watching and monitoring our welders and helpers on site. Using stairs up to 25 floors makes my blood bursts because of exhaustion. Meeting new people from different kinds of life, graduates, under graduates, professional, non-professional, bystanders and the community that is in the middle of Vertis North.

I encounter professional people before but nothing new in a construction site my co workers have different background and so their different beliefs and attitudes. The things that you need to survive in a construction site is patience and good friendship, you also need to understand their temper while you joke because you might get hit outside the gate after work. There are stories that people were beaten up outside because of their attitudes inside the construction site, don’t be an asshole to everyone because every one inside the site have different views. My co staff in a field office are project-in-charge same as engineer, safety officer, foreman, warehouseman/timekeeper, electrician and me the first aider. Humor, jokes, and conflicts are things that I remember when I was with them, I remember our foreman is our joker and the story teller and has lots of topics to discuss to remove our boredom. He usually tells stories of his experience in all his jobs, especially if you are new to project and many of them are simply unbelievable that you will just think if its real or not but its funny to listen to. Beacause I want to help to the project I let them use my handheld radio that I used from amateur radio,  the company provided too late or it was just after the critical stage of work.

Lots of workers have stories too, but the worst experience I had is meeting the vice president of the company, a Chinese who discriminates, humiliates, belittles your human dignity. No absent or leave is allowed or else you will face and talk the devil and his voice of doom! What would you do if you are told that you are worthless and a display that rob the company’s payroll, I hate this kind of people who are annoys your life that you will feel and wish you were not born. All of the workers will have to go through this cycle except his beloved engineers, If you are not an engineer you will feel his mouth full of wickedness.

Workers welfare is failed if based on standards, their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is not complete you must buy your own or you cannot work. I bought my own PPE, while according to laws is that employer should provide safety equipment like hard hat, safety shoes, vests, gloves, rain coat and others that prevents or lessens the accident in a construction site. Requests of materials will come too late or incomplete materials that you requested. And I wonder why general contractors allow this kind of company that is inhumane to their workers. Money, they not even gave my last salary until now that I filed my resignation first week of July, it is my fund, my money that they want to steal after receiving harsh words, traumatic conversation with the Chinese vice president.. Clearance from companies usually takes a month to finish, but 2 months or even 6 months what the HR texted me is too long. One thing I remember that I received a text that they wanted me to resign after they knew that I was absent because I volunteered to a big event for my local red cross chapter. Very unprofessional she is, I never imagined I could received a threat from a company. Hey! We are in information era, what your attitude to people is easily known.

By the way, I recorded my second and last conversation with the Chinese that pushed me to resign from that company. Chinese are mostly cruel and discriminates non Chinese. This goon has a gun underneath his table so that he could protect himself from his bad mouth full of degrading breath. I wish this kind of people caught and be imprison as soon as possible. My last salary is still in hold at this time, imagine this kind of company exists here in Philippines so many people are in debt and poor because of the greed and inhumane people taking advantage of their money and power.

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