My experience in radio with Yaesu FT-270 R/E

20160309_154435I just got hooked by these tiny radio transcievers, my first handheld radio is a chinese radios but something is missing. As a licensed amateur radio operator you will need to have a reliable brand that you will need in case of emergencies and rugged lifestyle, and many amateur radio enthusiasts recommends FT-270 for it’s ruggedness and durability.

I am using it for 3 months already and dropped 5 times from my waist because of it’s clumsy belt clip design. But it’s still working at it’s best. Programming it is so easy that you won’t need a computer, software and a cable to get it working, though you will have to read the manual. FT-270 is submersible for 30 minutes under a 1 meter deep water, I tested it before, and the speaker sound will slightly garble because of foam that protects the radio. You just need to shake it to remove the liquids that is trapped inside and get back to normal operation.

Reception is clear outside, 1 kilometer with my chinese radio in a neighborhood of buildings and houses gives me a 3 bars of signal strength, while in repeaters located in Metro Manila is good. Battery is better than chinese radios, it gives me 2 days power listening to just 1 frequency, but I am trying now to listen and scan in bank memory that has 4 frequency.

My complains are the belt clip, volume knob, and the slow charger. My solution to belt clip is a velcro strap so it won’t swing around and move out of it’s clip and drop easily, the volume knob? I just bought a not original replacement but fits right for it because it was lost, when I dropped it before the volume knob became loose that it can easily remove by a little force. While in slow charging issue I am thinking of another 12 volts with a 3 amp power to tinker if it can be charge fast enough so it can be use again. Another issue is there is no full charged indicator so you will have to count not to charge it for 12 hours long!

While default FT-270 is dedicated for amateur radio frequency, I wonder why I can transmit to commercial radio frequency, is /E stands for extended transmission? Well, I will have to license this radio first before looking the mother board for extra features..

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