Alternative bracelet for Swatch Scuba Irony

a little adjust..

a little adjust..

LOL, since Swatch can't provide for their customers the parts for their watch I made myself a paracord bracelet for my Swatch Scuba Irony 200. Well, in preppers world paracord is a must have everday carry (EDC) tool that can help you in emergency situations, it is a rope with 7 inner strands where each strands has another 3 inner strands that makes it tough than any ordinary nylon rope. But with a maximum 550 lbs stress weight limit, make it half 225 lbs is still valuable thing to carry that is not bulky or heavy in pocket or bracelet.

My size is about 8 inches while the common wrist size is about 7 inces, and the rule of thumb for making paracord bracelet is that 1 inch is equivalent to 12 inches or 1 feet. So the bracelet you would wear can have 14 feet long of rope that can be detached and reused for so many purpose. Splinting a body parts in case of accidents, use as belts, making tents, torniquet to stop bleeding, hunting fishes and humans! Haha.. and it's great to have a bonus tool like a whistle in a watch in case you will need an attention to call for help and preserve your voice and energy.

You can also add things inside it's core and use some rubber that covers the buckles connected to it and put some needles and mirrors or anything that can fit and invisible to the eyes of others.

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