Spratly islands massacre by China part two??

Spratly islands map

Spratly islands map

This happened in 1988 where under-powered Vietnamese sailors claimed a shoal in the disputed islands near the Philippines sovereignty. The sailors refused to be intimidated by Chinese military personnel with their fully armed battleship to protect their supposedly claimed island but the Chinese military used their full force against the under-powered Vietnam sailors. It's an overkill reaction by the Chinese navy to the harmless human standing there without weapons and it violates human rights and international laws. Because China is a rogue state in this peaceful loving world, China once more is starting to do this massacre in a Filipino community living peacefully in Pag-asa island for 40 decades. This barbaric Chinese actions is a real threat to all Filipino's, not only to those living in the Kalayaan group of islands but to the whole archipelago. Why would not I be a racist here, that is because those Chinese has superiority complex implanted by their government and they just cannot control their hot tempered corrupt government officials.


Well, if these threat that spread from the Chinese website are true it will be a war declared to the Philippines, and we as a citizen will have to defend our right to live free. It doesn't matter how big the enemy is, what matter is that you fought for your rights and dignity. Those Chinese only relies with their numbers of soldier but their brains are washed emptied reasoning and full of hatred to all foreigners.


I found this youtube video about the massacre created by the Chinese navy to Vietnam sailors.


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