University of the Philippines grandiosity

Human Knowledge Belongs to the world!

Human Knowledge Belongs to the world!

I don't want to start a hatred here, but I just want to express my observation to this premiere state university that they are projecting right now. Premium tuition rates, expensive than middle class private schools in the Philippines, so many youth needs to force themselves to transfer to other school that their parents can pay. It's sad to know that learning and having a degree costs too much in a public school that government and taxpayer paid for, is this a mission of selfish group who wants to hold and protect their pride and grandiosity over their fellow countrymen? Well, everyone can really study in UP if you show them your “money” and pay for their premium tuition fees same to those exclusive catholic colleges and universities in the Philippines, it's just a name and popularity game that is going on in the education system in the Philippines and it's one of the reason why we can't get out of this corruption infested system.

Famous people, UP has it but most of them were selfish corrupt individuals who used their brain to the advancement of their bank accounts and properties. I see very few who stands for Filipino's and humanity, those who still fights tyranny that is rampant after the EDSA revolution. The president they've thrown because of tyranny is a law graduate of University of the Philippines, a very clear example of what kind of people we've helped to be educated. It does not ended the tyranny in EDSA, it just rooted up to many and countless branches of corrupt government officials. Loyalty to a group or organizations is good but loyalty to humanity is better and the best of all, your loyalty to a group isolates you from the whole.

The last thing I'd like to point out is their public funded research, their research and journals should be freely available to Filipino's or to anyone. The western world started these act of kindness recently and this school that supposed to be acting as an education hub to the country but sad to know again they choose not to be open to the public. Famous universities around the world is now contributing to edx and sharing their lectures for free and not just free, it's open source that you can easily download them and do watch it later or share it to others. While the premiere university UP is keeping itself closed door to everyone who wants to learn. Maybe they learned that information is really profitable and they take this popularity circus to their own advantage and hold that information so Filipino's would look like dumb and stupid to the intellects of this institution. Their grandiosity will not work to Pinoy tinkerers, hackers, makers, doers, who loves free knowledge. "Human knowledge belongs to the world" and it is not just for few elite rich individual who uses the money to buy people.

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