Global mass surveillance violates human rights

Look for NSA malware

Look for NSA malware

The world was shocked after National Security Agency (NSA) of United States of America secrets of global mass surveillance was revealed and admittedly doing it without the knowledge of public. Privacy is one of the human rights that is now being abused and exploited, all humans connected to the web are now being suspected as terrorist by the NSA, violating the rights of innocent, those who's not been proven guilty and without evidence. Philippines even make this a law with their Cyber Crime Prevention Act last year but restrained the said law by the Supreme Court and been hold for a definite time. That law will conflict the freedom of speech, surveillance without a warrant, and removing the due process of law which is the most basic human rights.

Though we can avoid being surveillance by using encryption of our data and network usage, but the NSA's solution to this security defense is directing those encryption software maker to weaken them or make some trojans, backdoor that can penetrate the encrypted data. This is an insane abuse of power, it is a good idea to prevent terrorist to do harm on others but there's still crimes happening around us and have not been prevented. So this surveillance thing is purely a secret plan for something big that we cannot escape if we let it continue and remain quiet. It's a snake that will bite us in blind area that we just can't react and just wait for our last breath, a very dangerous environment. Images below are screen captured from the video To protect and infect part 2.

Personal information nowadays are gold and everyone should remeber that, our accounts in social networking sites even in your computer, tablets, cellphones or any gadgets that have your data in it should be well protected. Research on how to properly protect yourself online, that is my basic and first step when I surf the web 13 years ago, and information security drastically changed in short time so never stop learning and acquiring information and knowledge around you.

Images captured on youtube by Applebaum



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