Aceduino 328 test

Arduino pinoy style

Arduino pinoy style

Fascinated to Light Emitting Diode LED and flashlights brought me to something new and broader knowledge. Aceduino is a Pinoy version or clone of open source microcontroller called Arduino, it is assembled by Alexan Commercial, known for it's affordable electronic parts. I just found out that Arduino is used by so many geeks around the world to DIY electronic projects, it is open source that's why it is popular because lots of users share their projects and how it is done.

While I was looking for the imported type in the nearest electronic shops, I was told by the employee that they have clones of Arduino, first I was skeptic of the quality of the clone they have, but hey it's made in Philippines so why can't I buy it. haha.. Second thing is that it is cheaper than the imported one. Arduino is open source hardware so everyone can get a copy of it's schematic and diagram for their own use.

It is compatible with Arduino IDE software in Linux, you just have to select the right board to Arduino Duemilanove (2009) and you can start the beginner examples like blink LED. Recycling electronic appliances can help you find parts that you may need in projects, I collected more than 10 motors already from printer, scanner, cd-rom, floppy drive, hard drive. Next thing is to run them through the help of Aceduino, My first run the blink LED got errors because I did not selected the right board which is Arduino Duemilanove, but after searching answers from google it works nicely! Make sure too that you check the serial monitor because my second cable from old printer didn't work nice because of connection errors.

This will not be the first project, it's fun to control things electronically robots, lights, etc.. More projects to come..

10 thoughts on “Aceduino 328 test

  1. Aj says:

    Can aceduino work in servo motor?

    • asiong says:

      Yes, servo motors are easy to use than DC motors, though I haven’t really bought one yet because I have lots of DC motors from scrap computer parts. =)

  2. shary says:

    Ask ko lang po anung prob sa arduino if may lumabas sa IDE na "avrdude getsync stk500; not in sync"?

    tama nman po yung port selection and sa IDE po eh Dueminalove yung gamit nmen.. We are using Aceduino 328 po. Thanks. then pinaltan na po nmen yung original na ic na ndun, may srili po ba driver ang aceduino? FTDI for arduino, prolific for gizduino, may ganun din po ang aceduino? wala din po nailaw na led pag ngrereset eh. anu po kaya pde gawin? thanks.

    • asiong says:

      Kinakabit ko muna kase ang arduino bago ko binubuksan ang software or IDE tapos check ko yung serial monitor kung tama, update mo lang lage ang software at drivers, compatible naman yang 328 sa windows at linux OS. May IDE ang aceduino pero gamit ko yung galing sa website ng arduino.

      Connection error and driver error lang yan talaga, pag may umusok daw, dun ka lang bibili ng IC or board, alexan na rin mag repair kung masira nagpunta ako sa main office nila noon.

  3. loreen says:

    hi..bakit po ang aceduino ko kapag ikinabit sa pc ay "unspecified" ?..anong pwede kong gawin?

  4. hi. pano po mag-rewrite or mag tanggal ng program sa aceduino 328? pinipindot ko po kasi yung reset button wala naman nangyayari. :3

    • imgrunge says:

      sa arduino IDE ka mag erase/edit ng code, yung reset button ginagamit lang pag reset o debug ng code mo kung may error.. may blank code dun sa IDE hanapin mo lang.. =)

  5. Justine Abuel says:

    anu pinag kaiba ng aceduino sa arduino? mejo naguguluha ako e kase yung aceduino may led lights at button etc sa isang board tapus ang arduino wala bat ganon? kastart ko lang po kase pagaralan

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