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Knowledge should be free and available to anyone who wants it. It may not be same as the traditional going to school carrying books, notebooks, pens, pencils in your backpack. is sharing just like a short-course offered to all for free who has an internet connection and a computer, we have no reason to ignore these kind of opportunity because best things in life are still free. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University is the leading contributor to these kind of revolution of free education by sharing their resources to everyone who uses the technology of this information age.


MIT courses focuses more in science and engineering while Harvard on the society related activities, it's not bad at all because there also other schools involved in sharing their own academic experiences to all there's Berkeley University of California, The Texas University, Australian University, University of Toronto, and some asian university of South Korea, China, and Japan.


Currently there are 59 courses offered to all, from health to engineering even newest one is the food courses. All you have to do is register your email address, mail address, name etc. And you will be able to learn their free online courses. You might need some basic knowledge for example in mathematics and physics to easily cope up with advance courses like aerodynamics, magnetism, biology and the likes.


EDX website's description of learning is interactive, I register few courses but it will start in September and October I am excited how interactive and fun will I encounter during the class. A good thing that I or everyone should not let pass, it's free and fun to learn.

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