CISPA the new threat to internet freedom

CISPA (Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act) a new bill to be proposed to become a law in US will ultimately violates your privacy of information, one step to your soul and mind on the web. If SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) targeted webservers and websites that holds and sharing copyrighted materials does not clearly states specific rule which is which and without a due process to be shut down. CISPA is more intrusive because information of computer users is at risk to be used against and abused.

Online privacy is so important because your habits in using computers may be track and steal. Isn’t that cool? Many software developer and websites owners assures their clients that their information like name, address, contact numbers, even credit card and bank account will not be disclosed to anyone because it is basically and fundamentally right of a person in this world. If you are just a suspect you will not have a due process because your information is already given to the authorities.

The bills being created in the United States of America for the past few years are really crazy, the freedom they started and spreading around the world is now being changed to a controlled prison where everybody is counted head by head and reading the mind of it’s people. I hope people around the globe should be aware of the world because we live in one place called earth, and what happens to the other side might wave back to you.

We don’t like CISPA as lots of open source advocate do, Microsoft didn’t like it too because they will be affected too maybe they don’t like to share people’s information they have on their clients. But kidding aside, this really a big thing because if it becomes a law, millions of people not only living in the USA will be affected because most of well known and trusted database of information of the world is in the USA land.

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